Producer: Trackmasters
Album: Mr. Smith
Label: Def Jam

It's not easy deciding who has the best verse on this record. Although Keith Murray and LL definitely represent—and according to Trackmasters, Fat Joe had to essentially beg his way onto the song by promising ill bars—it's really a toss up between Foxy and Prodigy. Foxy's verse launched her whole career as she came through with undeniable attitude and fire. But it was Prodigy's verse that would live in infamy. His now instantly quotable line, "Illuminati got my mind, soul, and my body" caught a second life as part of the hook for Jay-Z's "D'Evils." With Illuminati talk rampant on the Internet today, that line has had a much better shelf life than Foxy's career. Insanul Ahmed

Best Verse: Prodigy