Song: "Passin Me By" (1993)
Album: Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde

For the Pharcyde, words were malleable. They seesawed in an addictive and musical sing-song cadence, a call-and-response within single bars. And on "Passin Me By," there's a lot that's memorable. The creeping, record-popping jazz beat. The thumping bass melody. But on the most recognizable Pharcyde song—and one of the most recognizable lines on this list—it wasn't so much about the fact Pharcyde's Imani used to sport a shag, which is cool, but not that cool. It was how he sported it, or rather, how he said he sported it: His childlike cadence and dragging of the a in shaaaaaag makes this line more than just great, but fun, too; if you know the line, it's the rap opener you can't help but rap (or sing) along to.