The 100 Best Opening Lines in Rap History, Part 2: 50 - 1

20. "Allow me to reintroduce myself/My name is Hov, (Oh) H-to-the-O-V." - Jay-Z

Song: "Public Service Announcement" (2005)
Album: The Black Album

The radio fuzz fades out and the piano plunks along as Jay-Z warns you that you're about to be subject to some sort of helpful announcement, brought to you via the charitable spirit of Just Blaze and the good folks at Roc-A-Fella records, as the faux-aged speech drops in. "Fellow Americans..." And then all the sounds stop for a brief moment, as Jay-Z—on his eighth album, the one that was supposed to be his last—reintroduces himself, and begins to sum up his entire rap career in a song that clocks in under three minutes, starting out with the most basic thing you should know, just as that blaring Just Blaze beat triumphantly blasts into the track: His name, and how you should spell it.

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