Song: "Triumph" (1997)
Album: Wu Tang Forever

In some sense, the opening bars of "Triumph" seem completely ridiculous: After Dirty's ranting—including two new memorable substitutions for "boys and girls"—in comes Deck with an avalanche of syllables, an overload, a victory of technical wizardry over meaning, and yet, the meaning's still there for you if you wanted it (though you had to go a line further to find it, assuming you were familiar with Socrates).

But more to the point, if you ever wanted to be a rapper, you knew these words by heart, the ultimate fetishizing of lyrical density and intensity. Whether or not you knew why the song was called "Triumph" before you heard it—or if any rap song you'd heard ever merited that title before then—it's not hard to have a good idea by the time Deck delivers these seven words.