Genre names are a weird thing. Rarely do the people making the music give it a name; it's always a hipster on the outside, coining some phrase that seems to make sense, but ultimately will just help people understand the style of music. The problem lies with those who either aren't good at naming things or aren't informed enough to come up with a name that makes sense. Hell, terms like "EDM" are an immediate red flag to many dance music purists that see the term as being unnecessary, but arguing that point is pointless. And while we can't escape some of the names that have been born over dance music's existence, we can't deny the ones that suck.

Wack EDM genre names come in all shapes and sizes: you have the mashing together of two words to somehow explain why this particular brand of dubstep or electro is different, to adding "intelligent" to show how elevated the sound is. Or you just have names that truly mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. Whatever the case may be, here are the 10 worst.