A few days back, we posted the world premiere of Starkey's "Back At It" from Skream & Benga's show, and now we have the full details on the EP it's found on, Inter-Mission, which is dropping on Seclusiasis March 25.

One of the cuts, "Poison," features the vocals of Leah Smith, and was on the flipside of Starkey's limited "DPMO" vinyl release. Nina Smith (not sure if there's a relation) is featured on two of the EPs tracks, "Space" (which also features Karizma) and "Crystal" (which features Philly MC Curly Castro). We're hearing that there's a video for "Space" on the horizon. There's also another Starkey instrumental, "Lies," on the project that is said to sound like "the atmospheric score to a Michael Mann film only to contort into an ominous Southern-fried beat workout."

Word is that there will be limited-edition "Street Bass" snapbacks being made in conjunction with Grand Scheme for this release; keep it locked to Seclusiais.com for details on pre-ordering, as well as their stacked release schedule. You've been warned.