In a deal that should stop many EDM lovers from asking their more seasoned dance music friends "HEY, WHAT IS THIS TRACK?!," as well as hopefully curbing the wack craze of remaking songs you can't identify, Shazam, a service that identifies tracks you don't know the name of, with Beatport, the largest digital retailer for EDM music. It was bound to happen, as Shazam's Will Mills reports that dance music makes up for 31 out of 100 queries to Shazam.

Adding Beatport to their service opens up the floodgates for unidentified dance tracks, as Beatport has a lock on the EDM scene, sometimes having exclusive releases weeks before retailers like iTunes or Amazon are able to. The Beatport catalog will add approximately 1.5 million songs to Shazam's database, and will have some interesting features: "for example, it can identify a song even if it has been sped up or slowed down, as DJ's often do, or if other sounds interfere, like shouting patrons or the occasional bullhorn."

So there's no excuse: Stop asking your homies for track ID's; just Shazam it.

(New York Times)