Softest Lyric: "I'm all I got"

While you're fixated on how lonely you are, how no one loves you, and how your mom ignored your Facebook friend request, think to yourself: "What Would Waka Flocka Do?"

Would he go to Barnes & Noble and sneak self-help books into the bathroom because he's too scared and prideful to purchase them? Would he call out of work to have a good cry? Would he eat five pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream? No. He would not. Waka would buck up and exact revenge on all those that wronged him.

Your propensity for violence notwithstanding, we only have ourselves to rely on. People will disappoint you; people will leave you. So, put all those sleeping pills you were going to swallow away and remember that you're all you need in this world. When life gives you lemons, shake your dreads.