We might be preparing for Snowmegeddon here in the Northeast, but we've definitely got the sunny days of summer on our mind thanks to the sweet sweet goodness of Germany's Satin Jackets.

"You Make Me Feel Good (Deep Mix)" is most certainly "not dubstep at all" (that's the way he's tagged it!), but rather a nightcap that's sure to set the mood just right. Whether you're showing affection for that special someone, playing a nice game of scrabble, enjoying a martini on your deck, or just lost in a deep train of thought, Satin Jackets' "You Make Me Feel Good (Deep Mix)" is that track. It's not quite nu-disco (it's deeper than that), and it might be deep house (and there are any number of damn subgenres this could be (old school, underground pop? Retro pop?), so we'll just resign to call it deep dance. The Michael Jackson-esque vocal samples, the bobbing percussion, and just give this a retro feel that is still timeless.  A bit more ominous than the original, this track has a hypnotic warmth to it.  Like sitting out on the beach, under the stars, being comforted by the ocean's waves, let this one take you on a journey and you won't regret it.

The single drops via Eskimo Recordings on February 25, so grab it then!