How does your music set you apart from other DJs?

My sound is a hybrid of pop mixed with hip-hop, soul, and rock influences. I think the overall eclectic nature of my album definitely sticks out; it really jumps all over the place.

What other artists inspire you?

I'm inspired by classic songwriters—McCartney, Bruce, Dylan, and the hip-hop greats like Kanye, Jay, and Nas. I'm also constantly listening and discovering new music so all kinds of sounds and styles are a part of the inspiration process.

How do you manage working such long hours?

I love being busy, actually. Touring and seeing new places and meeting new people can be the most inspiring part of my job.  It's funny because, when you're busy, you’re so consumed you fail to realize how hard you’re working. It's natural.

How does your phone help you regain total power of your social life?

I'm on my phone all the time, checking email, listening to and discovering music, and updating my social networks.  I love being so connected—I find myself constantly looking things up that we might have been debating about on the bus, conversing with my supporters on twitter, and posting random finds on Instagram.

A single charge keeps the Droid Razr Maxx HD powered up for 32 hours. Do you find that helpful?

A battery with that kind of strength is extremely clutch.  It's amazing how many times I've found myself scurrying around from store to store looking for a plug just to get a couple minutes of juice; it's really quite ridiculous. The more power, the better.

Check out Outasight’s album Nights Like These that just came out. Fans can look forward to his upcoming tour with The Ready Set and more on Twitter @Outasight.