Do you love Madeaux? You know we do after his stellar debut EP and now it's with great pleasure that we get to bring to you this exclusive premiere of Madeaux's new release.

Taking Dennis Ferrer's 2010 "Hey Hey," Madeaux has an unofficial and "I found the acapella online" sort of remix for us: "I just loved the original, so when I found the vocal I knew I had to give it a go!"

And a go he gave it.  The young, anonymous producer has turned up the energy from his last release to make this soulful upbeat house remix that will make sure to have you grooving.  It's funky with a touch of disco and it's got an electro flair with a bassy underside to make this quite the deep electro jam. Shingai Shoniwa's soulful vocals still take center stage as Madeaux has shows he can gracefully balance a strong vocal performance with his creative compositions and producing.

Madeaux wasn't on our list for 2013 artists to watch, but he definitely is on the top of our radar and he should be on yours, too.