Although it wasn't included in our top 15 best EDM labels right now, we definitely considered Mark Knight's Toolroom Records. The label has been responsible for a host of hits, including yesterday's release from Nicky Romero"Still The Same Man."

"Still The Same Man" blends elements of a nostalgic "true" house bent with that of a contemporary sound design, proving that Nicky Romero will not fade away when the big room craze inevitably does. The funk on this one is undeniably and there's something about it that will just have you grooving.  Surely he has made his name with huge solo hits like "Toulouse", "Generation 303", and collaborations with David Guetta ("Wild One Two", "Metropolis"), Avicii ("I Could Be The One"), NERVO ("Like Home"), Calvin Harris ("Iron"), but Nicky has once again proven he can churn out hits of his own. Although he's enlisted the help of Nilson and John Christian, this one still has Nicky's name written all over it.