With so many things these days feeling like they fell from the same cookie cutter, it's always nice to see a break in the blue print, because while our day to day lives may feel routine - dance festivals should be anything but ordinary. Tomorrowland, one of the world's largest dance festivals in the aptly named town of Boom, Belgium, has done just that this year with the addition of Markus Schulz's infamous "open-to-close" set format, which will keep festival goers bouncing from the moment the gates open to the end of the final set.

Schulz is no stranger to the open-to-close set, and has been dropping next level, extended, German trance marathons worldwide since, well, that's pretty much all trance sets were. Tomorrowland attendees have a chance to see a master at work with all the time in the world to dunk you in and out of that rabbit hole like trance-flavored dunk-a-roos.

Want a preview? We'll feed ya baby birds. Scope the videos below to get a taste, then quit your job, buy a ticket to Tomorrowland, and see it first hand. (You know you want to.):