While Plastic Little’s Jayson Musson isn't suing Baauer over use of the "then do the Harlem Shake" line from "Harlem Shake," the retired reggaeton performer Hector "el Father" is telling Puerto Rican reporters that he plans on pursuing legal action against Baauer over the "con los terroristas" sample at the beginning.

ABC News reported that during Baauer's AMA on Reddit this week, he said he found the sample at the beginning of the track "on the innerweb," and Reddit users linked back to Hector el Father's track (although, per this FADER piece on the phenomenon, it could've been pulled from a Philadelphyinz remix of "Con Alegria," which T&A put out in 2010; go to 2:03 of this track to hear the sample). Hector el Father has been retired from reggaeton since 2008, becoming Hector Delgado, the preacher.

Check out this (Google-translated) article (with video interview) with Hector about the situation. He acknowledges that he left that life behind to find Jesus, but it sounds like he'll still try to attain what he considers his just due (although he left the usual "leave it to the lawyers" line out there).

Shouts to DAD reader CDD for the find; we'll keep you up-to-date on any developments in this latest addition to the "Harlem Shake" saga.