Baauer's new dance song "Harlem Shake," and the viral YouTube videos that accompany it, are the latest craze that has everyone talking, and beefing. This week, a new interview video was published asking Harlem residents about their thoughts on the trending dance clips. And it turns out that Harlem is not feeling them one bit.

Some reactions after watching the videos street-side include, "That's not the 'Harlem Shake,'" "It's an absolute mockery," "It looks like they're making fun of it," and, "They're disrespecting Harlem swag."

For good measure, a few of Harlem's finest demonstrate for the camera the original "Harlem Shake," and explain the difference between it and the new "Harlem Shake," which one women says looks like "zombies going crazy."

And their message to the makers of these "Harlem Shake" videos is clear: "Stop that sh*t."

Watch above.

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