Anita Baker "Lately"
Album: N/A

Beyonce "Love on Top"
Album: 4

Melanie Fiona "Wrong Side of a Love Song"
Album: The MF Life

Gregory Porter "Real Good Hands" 
Album: Be Good

SWV "If Only You Knew"
Album: I Missed Us 


Lauren: Beyonce's "Love On Top" best song of 2011/2012 also probably 2013, life.

Ernest: “Love On Top” is honestly amazing. And really, who’s gonna look at their ballot and not vote for Beyonce?

David: Where’s Elle Varner? The Anita song is pretty cool, I like that or the Bey track the most. Have trouble seeing a non-Beyonce victory just because of name recognition, though.

Insanul: Again, define “Traditional.” Also, SWV getting Grammy nominations in 2013.

Foster: There are four key changes in “Love On Top.” That shit is amazing. It deserves to win, and will win.

Should Win: "Love On Top"

Will Win: "Love On Top"

Key Changes In This Prediciton: None.