Miguel "Adorn"
Album: Kaleidoscope Dream 

Tamia "Beautiful Surprise"
Album: Beautiful Song

Trey Songz "Heart Attack" 
Album: Chapter V

Anthony Hamilton "Pray for Me"
Album: Back To Love

Elle Varner "Refill" 
Album: Perfectly Imperfect


Ernest: Once again, hard to argue against Miguel.

David: I was a Anthony Hamilton fan at one point but his music had some serious diminishing returns impact for me. Miguel’s song is great but ... I love you Elle Varner. Call me.


Foster: Insanul, have you even listened to “Adorn”? Frank Ocean is Bigger Than R&B, for better or worse. And as far as the fundamentals of R&B are concerned, I think Miguel has this locked. Miguel is the rare artist who earned comparisons to Marvin Gaye, where the people who made those comparisons weren’t looked at completely crazy-like. That’s worth something.

Lauren: It's worth something but so is the fact that everyone is, and has, slept on Elle Varner—who deserves a Grammy. Miguel should get R&B Album of The Year because the entire work was beautiful, and he deserves this, too. But damn, Elle Varner.

Should Win: Miguel or Elle Varner

Will Win: Miguel