Estelle "Thank You"
Album: All Of Me

Robert Glasper Experiment f/ Ledisi "Gonna Be Alright (F.T.B.)"
Album: Black Radio

Luke James "I Want You"
Album: N/A

Miguel "Adorn"
Album: Kaleidoscope

Usher "Climax"
Album: Looking 4 Myself 


Ernest: Miguel's “Adorn” got the Song of the Year nod. It wins by default.

David: Usher's "Climax" was incredible. Competition from “Adorn,” but not much.

Foster: Ernest, I really hope you’re wrong. “Climax” was written with Diplo and Nico Muhly, who is, you know, an actual composer. It also perfectly reflects the way music is trending right now: Under the growing influence of R&B and splashed with EDM, besides which, it’s just a stunning, brilliant song. I’m surprised this didn’t get more nominations. And here, I’m dropping real talk: “Climax” is a better piece of songwriting than anything on Channel Orange. That doesn’t mean Channel Orange isn’t better as a whole piece of work, but come on: Frank Ocean is no Usher, and “Thinking About You” is no “Climax.” 

Lauren: Absolutely disagree. "Climax" was great but it's not a better piece in terms of songwriting, especially for Usher, whose catalog has its very own section for heartbroken ballads—and I totally fuck with that. It was great, it still is great, and it deserves to win. But so does "Adorn" because of the year, and progress, Miguel has made.

Should Win: "Climax" or "Adorn"

Will Win: "Adorn"