Flo Rida f/ Sia — "Wild Ones"
Album: Wild Ones

Jay-Z & Kanye West f/ Frank Ocean & The-Dream "No Church in the Wild" 
Album: Watch The Throne

John Legend f/ Ludacris "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)"
Album: N/A

Nas f/ Amy Winehouse "Cherry Wine"
Album: Life Is Good

Rihanna f/ Jay-Z "Talk That Talk"
Album: Talk That Talk 


Ernest: Jay-Z, Kanye, and Rihanna win in this category like every year, so it’d be smart to bet on them. I want Nas to win BECAUSE NAS DOESN’T HAVE A GRAMMY. But honestly, Sia’s chorus on “Wild Ones” is so insane, I think her and Flo Rida will be the sneak attack winners.

David: Remember when we were pissed off at Ja Rule / Ashanti collabs? WTF @ us.

Insanul: Why is Future not nominated?

Lauren: Yeah, what Insanul said. FUTURE HENDRIX.

Foster: Jay-Z’s verse in “Talk That Talk” is so lazy, my friend Seth literally edited Hov out, and put the track back in his collection. If this song gets a Grammy, Jay-Z will just start recording first-take readings of Beyonce’s grocery lists as guest spots. We can’t let that happen. Also, how did “No Church” get the nomination here over “Made in America”? I think Ernest has this right: Flo Rida and Sia sneak diss the rest of the cool kids.

Should Win: Nas and Amy Winehouse, but on principle more than the actual song.

Will Win: Flo Rida and Sia.