Avicii "Levels"
Album: N/A

Calvin Harris f/ Ne-Yo "Let's Go"
Album: 18 Months

Skrillex "Bangarang"
Album: Bangarang

Swedish House Mafia f/ John Martin "Don't You Worry Child"
Album: N/A

Al Walser "I Can't Live Without You"
Album: N/A


Ernest: I once wanted to murder a DJ for not playing “Levels” in a timely fashion. The song that inspired those feelings deserves the award. Unfortunately, the Grammys have a strong preference for sappy stuff so “Don’t You Worry Child” will win. And that’s a good song. It’s just half the song of “Levels.”

Foster: And the award goes to...that song that goes “WUB WUB WUB WUB WUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUBBBBBB WUB.” But Calvin Harris actually makes great dance songs. How was “Sweet Nothing” not nominated?

Khal: “Sweet Nothing,” was a single, missed the cut by a hair. Or they just knocked him out so Al Walser could get his chance to shine.

Insanul: “Levels” will win because it’s not just a song that goes “WUB WUB WUB” but a song that features some actual great singing and at least a bit of easily discernible song structure. If EDM is really going to be a lasting genre, it needs to score actual pop hits and “Levels” is one of those.  

David: Insanul is insane for saying “If EDM is really going to be a lasting genre” but I digress. I think “Levels” deserves to win because it was the biggest anthem of all of these, no? I like most of these songs to be completely honest. If you’re an old head like myself the Skrillex live experience can be a serious conversion experience.

Lauren: Khal, you gonna let Foster make fun of EDM like that?! Avicii “Levels.” Without a question. I wish Swedish House Mafia’s “Save The World” was up but, I think that didn’t make the cut last year. And David, the old head, lol.

Should Win: "Levels"

Will Win: "Levels"