There's something about DJ Rashad that I can't put my finger on. His 2012 album, TEKLIFE Vol. 1, is a complex piece of dance music excellence; in the genre known as juke/footwork, he's truly got his own vibe. The tracks already occupy an awkward space, punctuated by equally unique dance moves, but Rashad's use of samples, be it a snippet from Training Day or a perfect line from a rap track, elevate his output into places that are both awesome and, well, weird.

With word of Hyperdub adding him to their roster, he released "Can't Hold Me Back," which is built on an obvious Rick Ross sample that's drilled into your head by track's end. For some, this might be downright annoying, but there's an art to this.

Or maybe I'm just in love with it's repetition. Be on the lookout for Rashad's Rolling EP, which is due to drop on March 19.

(Passion of the Weiss)