Belieber or not, you've probably heard about the pop star's stonerish dalliances with Young Money artist Lil' Twist, the ridiculous #CuttingForBieber campaign it birthed, or even the weed strand named after the pop heartthrob.

Well last week, Bieber was reportedly photographed holding a double cup (often used to contain the muddy potion), and now white America is really freaking out. Given that the photos themselves haven't leaked yet, this could all mean a whole bunch of nothing.

But maybe it doesn't. And thanks to this extremely tenuous maybe, a TMZ reporter accosted sizzurp spokesperson DJ Paul in a swanky hotel for his thoughts on the Biebs' latest pharmacological endeavors. Paul offers JB some wisdom, saying, "Everything's dangerous if you do too much of it. Sex, even water. You jump in the ocean, that's a lot of water. You might die."

Shame on the reporter for calling sizzurp "siz-eer-up," in the presence of one of its pioneers. A smaller degree of shame on DJ Paul for not correcting him.

[via TMZ]