#DeepCuts: The Best New Mixtape Tracks

Kool John f/ NhT Boyz and ST Spittin "Is That Yo Hoe"

Mixtape: Peace, Love and Shmoplife
Producer: IamSu!

Kool John's latest tape is full of fun reinventions of older rap songs with a modern, thumping Cali twist. For example, "Full Of Dat Weed" transforms Young Bleed's Baton Rouge classic "How You Do That," while "Ya Bitch" flips Lil Jon's "Play No Games," and "Summer Jam" swipes Tupac's "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted." All that is to say, I have no idea what song it is, if any, that IamSu! has nabbed for "Is That Yo Hoe," a feature for the acrobatic rap antics of the NhT Boyz, but it sounds like some New Orleans bounce ish, and that's a refreshing switch-up on a well-balanced record that manages to find new ways to savor old flavors.


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