#DeepCuts: So So Def's Best Under-the-Radar Tracks Jermaine Dupri and his So So Def roster, reunited.

While reassessing the So So Def catalog for our recent list of the 30 Best So So Def Songs, it quickly became apparent that the label is even more under-appreciated than we'd anticipated. Not only was it tough to decide between the roster's high-profile singles, but also their obscure remixes, album tracks, and 12-inch records that barely made it off the cutting room floor. In light of the label's recent union, consider this a chance to look not just at the breadth of the So So Def catalog, but its depth, as well. Here are 20 #DeepCuts that have aged well, and for what it's worth, should have received more attention.

Written by David Drake (@somanyshrimp)

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