TMZ reports tonight that Cierra Management Group has filed a lawsuit claiming that Cee Lo Green, who released his holiday album Cee Lo's Magic Moment last October, failed to perform at two Christmas concerts they agreed to promote. The suit states that an agreement was made with Cee Lo's team saying Cierra would front the $243,000 bill for the costs of the shows with the understanding that Cee Lo would show up and perform.

This came after an original proposal was presented to Cierra to do twelve Christmas shows, which was then slashed to six, and finally to two, due to Cierra being unable to front such a large bill ($100,000 per show).

But Cierra is saying that they think this was all a conspiracy "to fleece an unsuspecting promoter out of hundreds of thousands of dollars over concerts that were never going to happen." They are not accusing Cee Lo of being a part of the conspiracy, but they are claiming he refused to perform the two shows that were included in the Christmas concert proposition they agreed to.

Cierra is suing for $14.2 million. Yes, you read that right. TMZ says they have gotten no response from Cee Lo's team about the lawsuit.

Stay tuned for more details as they unfold.

[via TMZ]