When we discussed Azealia Banks going at Baauer over her "Harlem Shake" remix being taken down, we figured Diplo had to turn up somewhere in this argument, seeing as Mad Decent is eating off of the success of "Harlem Shake." Judging by Azealia Banks' tweets, the story is now that Diplo emailed her, telling her that the reason behind the takedown could be that they plan on getting Juicy J on Baauer's "Harlem Shake" track.

Of course Azealia lets Diplo have it, as you can see in the above tweets. Again, Diplo's not spoken about this on twitter at all, so we'll see if he'll worry about throwing anymore gas on this fire, especially with the new Major Lazer album due out this Tuesday.

In the meantime, her "Harlem Shake" remix lives in video form.