Hot 100 Peak Position: No. 7

Nudity is hot and all, but anyone who's ever stumbled across a nude beach can attest it doesn't feel quite as important if it's not taboo. The real turn-on is watching someone undress, to let the partially clothed parts of their body accentuate the unclothed ones. Or catching a glimpse of their body in the mirror to your left. If Tweet had made a song that went "I'm already naked" it wouldn't have carried quite the same suggestive tension as a chorus about slowly getting turned on enough to take off her shirt, then her skirt. It might seem crass or self-indulgent or like things were moving too fast to just to dive into a song about turning yourself on, but give it a slow build like this and Missy Elliott won't be the only person touching herself when this song comes on and clothes come off.