Hot 100 Peak Position: No. 7

Just as there are many types of love, there are many variations on the love song. For an artist like Ne-Yo, the love song is kind of a suit-and-tie affair. He's driving fast to get home to his girl, he wants to prove he's a better man than her friends think he is, etc. – all very proper. For someone like Plies, who seems like he lives life in pretty much in the same way that he raps – IN ALL CAPS – it's more casual but also more intimate. He's saved his lover's name in his phone under "Lil Boo," which is basically the most romantic thing ever. He loves her see-through panties and the way she looks at him after they have sex. He would even marry her if the streets weren't already his main squeeze. Oh, and he has such an adorable nickname for her, which he shares in one of the greatest opening lines to a verse ever: "I JUST GAVE HER A NICKNAME/IT'S WET WET/'CAUSE WHEN WE FINISH SHE MESS UP ALL MY BED SET." That is how you write a love song.