Hot 100 Peak Position: No. 1

A lot of songs about sex focus on the artist's skill in performing the act, but what if you're already confident in your partner's talent? If it's not his or her first rodeo, well, all the better for the overall bull riding experience – not to mention the pre-rodeo press blitz/sext blitz. Once you're confident that you'll be entering the ring, you might as well make sure you're gearing up for the same kind of event by trading some sultry banter. It's possible you'll go too far and suggest an unwanted threesome. You may say something dumb, like comparing your partner to a past-his-prime basketball player. But if you start sharing what kind of outfit you can picture the other person in (your T-shirt, nothing, etc.) or just use a breathy voice asking for might find some things out by the end of the night.