At its best, hip-hop gives listeners a thrill that can't be replicated by any other genre. The average fan won't experience a lot of the things the following artists rap about, but when the beat drops, that's irrelevant. It's about the feeling that's being communicated, and rap music is transcendent in that aspect, capable of motivating whether you're playing in today's Super Bowl or just need to pass a big test at school.

This list of 27 Rap Songs That Will Motivate You to Win will inspire you in ways you never anticipated. It's surprising what tales of upward mobility and unrelenting beats can do. Now, listening to these songs doesn't make losing impossible, but at the very least, they're that firm pat on the back that you need to get going.

Press play on any of these, and you'll be ready for fistfights with the struggle.

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Written by Brian Josephs (@Bklyn_Rock)