It's an age-old debate that women get no respect in hip-hop and, in many cases, it's true. "Bitch," "Ho," "Trick," are just a few of the slanderous terms that rappers refer to ladies as frequently, consistently talking about the nasty things they'd do to their girl or want to do with another. 

It gets old, fellas. Ladies appreciate hip-hop, and sometimes, hip-hop appreciates them right back—like in these songs. There's a good number of tributes to mothers, grandmothers, baby mothers, daughters, girlfriends, and wives in hip-hop. There's also the rhymes that directly speak to females, as a whole, and it's refreshing to hear your favorite rapper talk about the many reasons why women deserve—and require—respect.

It's not often that some of your favorite rappers show off their sensitive side, except Drake, of course. From Kanye West's heartbreaking tribute to the late Donda West "Hey Mama" to Lil Wayne showing off his softer side (while still acknowledging his love of oral sex) on "Something You Forgot," here are 25 rap songs that say nice things about women

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