Courtney Love and drugs go way back; her father supposedly gave her LSD at the tender young age of five, resulting in him losing all custody of his daughter. She lost her husband, Kurt Cobain, to heroin addiction (and a shotgun blast) in April 1994 and just two months later lost Kristen Pfaff, the bassist in her band Hole, to heroin as well. Demonstrating impressive resilience, she was able to recover from all this well enough to deliver a well-received third album and an impressive performance in the 1996 movie The People vs. Larry Flynt (she played a headstrong drug addict prone to taking her clothes off – not a huge stretch). She also got enough plastic surgery to reasonably pass for a Hilton sister.

But Love went in a tailspin over the next decade. A sizeable addiction to cocaine and prescription drugs saw her frequently arrested and in and out of rehab. She seemed to hit bottom while promoting her terrible solo album America's Sweetheart, released in February 2004. The following month, she appeared on Late Show with David Letterman, leapt on the talk show host's desk and showed him her breasts, then sat down for an interview in which she was largely incoherent. The following month, pictures surfaced of her letting a random man suck on her exposed breast in public. Then, at a show at a club in New York City in May 2004, she threw her mic stand into the audience, which hit an attendee in the head. He was taken to the hospital bleeding profusely and Love was arrested, charged with reckless endangerment and third-degree assault.

Love claims to have been sober since 2007 but her life has remained somewhat troubled; in December 2009 she lost custody of her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, who even won a restraining order against her mother.