10 Artists You Should Listen To If You Like Macklemore

If you like artists who are the mainstream version of indie artists from 10 years ago then you should listen to: Owl City

Not to sound like your parents on some, 'back in my day'-type shit, but as we mentioned earlier, Macklemore REALLY does sound like Slug. For heads who grew up listening to the rapper's group Atmosphere, it's a little distracting. Atmosphere were hardly unsuccessful; by the mid-2000s, they'd built up quite an audience, and were able to tour successfully across the country, becoming one of the biggest independent acts to emerge from the late-90s backpack rap scene.

But Macklemore dropped the number one record in the country and has topped the pop charts, and he stands, to some degree, on Slug's shoulders. It's reminiscent of another recent act who built upon a surprisingly similar style: Owl City, who traded in Postal Service's indie bonafides but stuck with the overall sound, yet became massively successful on a level Postal Service never really achieved.

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