First off, major props on the overwhelming support for the homey Valentino Khan. Last week, we debuted the #TRAPTHURSDAYS series, and the first leak ("Twerk 4 Gold") has over 25K plays on SoundCloud. Nice work! Since then, he's not only shown us his moombah side via Sazon Booya's Oye Mami EP, but he's also scored an official Skylar Grey remix.

This week, we're back to original trap production, and it's a monster. True to form, this track "Spaceships On Bombay" sounds just like an intergalactic game of lazer tag taking place over Bombay. We've got enough photon torpedo-esque vibes and Middle Eastern loops than we can shake a light saber at! Any good android knows what to do when this one drops.

You know the routine: free track for a Facebook "Like;" let's get it!

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