Label: Jive, RCA

This is Todd Shaw's fifth release, but since the first three are EPs, let's just call this LP No. 2. It covered more ground than Born To Mack in terms of subject matter, with "City of Dope" and "Oakland" mixed in with his standard talk of parties and pimping.

As $hort explained to Complex last year: "I had been getting reviews from the first album. They were like, 'This guy's pretty wack, he can't rap.' They were praising N.W.A and Eazy E and they were shitting on me in the media. You know, 'All he can do is curse.' So I made a song called 'Cusswords.' Just take it back to talking shit. I tried to say every cussword I could, in a row."

As $horty The Pimp's biggest selling album, Life is...Too $hort remains the definitive $hort Dog experience for many.