Label: Profile, Arista

Serving as the stop-gap between their debut and the all-conquering Raising Hell, the King of Rock album is often overlooked. While it has a couple of missteps ("Roots, Rap and Reggae," we're looking at you), there was no denying the impact of the title track and the accompanying video on MTV, while "Daryl and Joe (Krush Groove 3)" is an under appreciated gem of the era.

"Can You Rock It Like This" was written by new Def Jam recruit LL Cool J, proving that ghost writing is a time honored rap tradition. The trio also recorded "Slow and Low" during this period, but Russell Simmons decided to give it to the Beastie Boys to record for their debut instead. Let us not forget the unfortunate lyrical faux-pas on "King of Rock" which saw Run declaring that "There's three of us but we're not The Beatles." Guess he wasn't a Ringo Star fan.