Label: Def Jam

Where Whut? The Album was very much a collaborative effort between Redman and Erick Sermon, the Funk Doctor Spock was really let off his leash for the follow-up, as he handled the lion's share of production duties and revealed the more disturbed aspects of his character.

As Reggie explained to HipHopDX in 2010: "I was doing a lot of drugs on Dare Iz A Darkside. I have chicks that come up to me and say, 'Yo, Dare Iz A Darkside is my favorite fuckin' album, ever.' I swear, I have not played Dare Iz A Darkside damn near since I did it. Seriously! I was so lost, I was so fucked up during that album."

With bangers like "Can't Wait" and "Green Island" on there, it's safe to say that Red's "drug period" yielded great results—musically, at least.