Label: ReadyRock

This album must have been cursed somewhere along the line. Before its release, Zev Love X lost his brother and DJ, Subroc, to a tragic accident. Then his record label decided that the cover artwork was "too controversial" to release in a post-"Cop Killa" landscape and dropped the group from their deal.

While these events would go on to shape Zev's creative rebirth as MF Doom four years later, Black Bastards showed remarkable growth from the group's first release, presenting a more cynical and defined worldview in much the same as A Tribe Called Quest matured between albums—the only difference being that KMD's transformation turned them into drunken, gun-toting weed heads.

Covering everything from blunted tour bus adventures to dissing the guy from Parker Lewis Can't Lose for trying to rap, Zev and Subroc created an album that could have been titled When Native Tongues MCs Attack.