Label: Re-Up, Star Trak, Jive

Malice and Pusha T discovered exactly why R.A. The Rugged Man once recorded a track called "Every Record Label Sucks Dick" after they found themselves stuck in limbo over at Jive following Star Trak's move to Interscope. Finding themselves on the back-burner, it took four years and a lawsuit before Hell Hath No Fury hit the shelves, and by then they wanted blood ("I'm sorry to the fans but them crackers wasn't playing fair at Jive").

The Neptunes contrasted this hostility with their own take on minimalist 80s electro rap, which resulted in beats such as the supreme "Ride Around Shining" and "Mr. Me Too." The result is a tighter, more refined Clipse experience. Introspective, anti-social D-boy rap delivered correctly.