Album: Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell
Producer: Stoupe
Label: Babygrande

Informing us that he's telling a true story, R.A. goes above and beyond the call of duty by delivering the gut-wrenching tale of his uncle's experiences fighting in Vietnam, managing to rock it with a cutting-edge flow that's equally as gripping as the narrative. Pointing out that "This ain't no real war—Vietnam? Shit/World War II, that's a real war, this is just a military conflict." Our narrator goes on to muse "Bitches and guns? This is every man's dream/I don't wanna go home where I'm just an ordinary human being."

The appeal quickly fades after his unit gets wiped out before his eyes and wakes up back home in a hospital bed to face the consequences of Agent Orange. An undeniable masterpiece of content and delivery from the guy who once made a song called "Cunt Renaissance" with Biggie Smalls.