The 50 Best Guest Verses of All Time

35. Ras Kass on Ahmad's "Come Widdit" (1994)

Album: Street Fighter OST
Producer: King Tech
Label: Priority

Spare a thought for Ahmad, who got completely bodied on his own shit by not one but both of his guests on this gem from the Street Fighter soundtrack. Ras Kass easily steals the show, as he lets-off a high-octane mind spray worthy of East Coast brainiacs Organized Konfusion.

Boasting of "an adamantium skeleton like Wolverine,", Ras "vocabulary spills" what can only be described as "crack for rap nerds" in a verse that packs in the terms "prehensile," "receptacles," and "toxic melanin" with enough style to make it digestible to even the most book-shy of listeners.

Never one to hold back, Kass concludes this verbal massacre by announcing that "I've come back twice like Christ to resurrect the West." Hadouken!

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