Album: N/A
Producer: DJ Ogee
Label: Tru Criminal Records

Truth be told, all three participants in this 1997 B-side burner impress here, as O.C., F.T., and the Pharoahe all wreck shop. It's Monch, however, who goes the extra mile as he spews intellectual fury at all weak-minded competition, warning that "My basements an arrangement of different torture devices/That slices, the first niggas who think they are the nicest."

Pondering his path in the music game, he informs us that "the road I'm on is kinda narrow/Plus there's a fork in the shit and I don't know which way to go," before painting a visual picture of the apocalyptic aftermath of his verbal attack and finishing with a now out-dated technology reference. Mommy, what's a fax?