Album: Trendz...
Producer: Lord Finesse
Label: Mad Sounds

In the wake of his impressive second album, Lord Finesse went on a cameo rampage of sorts, providing outstanding guest spots for Mesanjarz of Funk, Bas Blasta, Ground Floor, Diamond D, and Illegal. The best of the bunch was the his contribution to the "Freestylin' Mix" of Trendz of Culture's debut single, where he demonstrates just how sharp his lyrical sword had become by 1993.

This is Brag Rap personified, as the Funkyman states that he's "The vigilante, my style's uncanny/Fuck a Grammy, now girls hold on to your panties," simultaneously declaring his commitment to underground hip-hop and sending "bitches home naked." Just when you think the verse is winding down, Finesse ups the ante and goes in even harder. "It's the mack of the year, so clap and cheer/'Cause it's clear that I'm here to end motherfuckers' careers!" Bronx bombing at its finest.