Album: Business as Usual
Producer: EPMD
Label: Def Jam, RAL, Columbia

Erick Sermon explained the back story of this classic in March: "Russell Simmons told LL Cool J to get with EPMD...he came to us and got his swagger back...then came out with Mama Said Knock You Out and the album was phenomenal."

Since Erick was at home sick during the original recording sessions, there are several versions of this track in existence, allowing LL and PMD to verbally spar. Inspired by the spirit of healthy competition, Uncle L pushes himself into top gear and dishes out a barrage of subliminals at his hosts ("you and your Squad better praise the real God"), rebuttals to his naysayers ("sayin' I was vacationing"), shots at old foes ("I shoot the holster off your Cowboy pants," aimed at Kool Moe Dee), and references to 80's porn stars ("When it comes to lyrics, I'm as freaky as Seka!").

What more could you possibly ask for from a rap cameo spot? Slow down, baby.