Album: Murda Muzik
Producer: The Alchemist
Label: Loud, Columbia

Following a quiet period in his career, the Kool Genius of Rap went on a run of jaw-dropping features that generated such a buzz that Rawkus Records signed him to what was rumoured to be a million-dollar deal. His appearance with fellow Queens representatives Mobb Deep was the crowning jewel of this magnificent run. Utilizing an understated-yet-brilliant loop from the Alchemist, G Rap attacks the mic like a pitbull, constructing a dizzying depiction of Gun Talk that flows flawlessly and leaves the listener breathlessly trying to keep up.

Never before have threats of emptying a clip into somebody approached such lofty heights of poetic perfection as G gets on some H.G. Wells shit: "My nine'll seem like it's a time machine, be seeing deju/Jackin' you more than Ripper, my Fifth's an organ shifter/The human organism lifter, you'll be hearin' organs if ya/Leavin' orphans if ya let these Fours hit ya where the Lord split ya."

Performances of this caliber lend further weight to the argument that Kool G Rap is one of the greatest rappers of all time, as his rhyme styles influenced everyone from Big L to Nas.