Album: N/A
Producer: T-Ray
Label: Underboss Entertainment

The original version was incredible, yet somehow Finesse managed to deliver a remix that was even iller. Over T-Ray's raw new beat (which he later admitted wasn't even the finished version), the devestating microphone techniques of Big L were first exposed to the world.

L took the Lord Finesse punchline formula and pushed it to the next level, repping flow and content in equal measures and keeping listeners poised at the rewind button (for all you tape deck kids). Explaining that "I'll bend a rapper like a fender, I'm slender/But far from tender, killing niggas like a Klan member," L. Coleman presented a finely-tuned verse that references all the Brag Rap staples, but with content and delivery that seemed light-years ahead of the competition.

It was clear from this point that the standard had been raised again from this brash young Harlem MC who, in the immortal words of fellow D.I.T.C. member A.G., was "hungry enough to grow fangs."