Year: 2007
Best Line: "Niggas think Jimmy Iovine's my boss. Nigga, fuck Jimmy Iovine, nigga. I'm from 134th Street, nigga. I ain't got no motherfucking boss."
Album: N/A

During his 2007 campaign to promote his third studio album Curtis, 50 Cent didn't sound as comfortable going in as he did with his first two releases. Maybe it's because he was in a sales race with Kanye West, and pressure to outperform the Chicago MC took a toll on him. Or maybe he was upset with his label's direction on the new project. Whatever the case, 50 voiced his displeasure with Interscope on the G-Unit street cut "Southside." Yapping over a slick Ski Beatz backdrop originally done for Pacewon, Ferrari F50 was sounding extra disrespectful as he berated Jimmy Iovine like he was an intern. As appealing as "Southside" was, we strongly urge other Interscope signees to refrain from similar activity.

Listen To The Full Rant Below (1:47):