Year: 2005
Best Line: "Tell that nigga Puffy I said get out the mirror for a second, let me talk to him. Puffy own the nigga motherfuckin' publishing."
Album: G-Unit vs. D-Block Vol. 2: Battle for the Crown

50 has an extensive history of beefing but the best part of his diss songs aren't always the rapping, sometimes it's just the rants. Case in point: On his verse from "I Run New York" he barely disses Jada, and instead airs out Jada's dirty laundry and says he doesn't own his publishing during an end-of-song tirade. This rant actually lead to an even better one: After being exposed, Jada and Styles took their case to Hot 97 to get the public to rally around them and get Diddy to give up their publishing which lead to an unforgettable shouting match live on the air.

Listen To The Full Rant Below (3:05):