Scarface Breaks Down His 25 Most Essential Songs

Scarface "A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die" (1991)

Producer: Scarface & Crazy C
Album: Mr. Scarface Is Back
Label: Rap-A-Lot Records

Scarface: "That title was brought to me by John Bido. The idea of the song was to write a movie, to tell a story. That song gave me my title as one of the greatest storytellers ever because [one of my first story telling songs]. That was one of my best fucking stories.


I credit all my writing ability to my English teachers.


“I credit all my writing ability to my English teachers. I would say that my fourth grade teacher, a lady named Ms. Smith taught me a lot. And there’s a lady named Ms. Canshaw, a lady named Ms. Rob, and an old mean white lady named Ms. Beach.

“They all gave me a lot of game on how to write lyrics, stories, and journalism type pieces. Every time I approach a song. I always try to write an intro, the body, the climax, and then the ending. That’s the way I was taught to write and that’s the approach I try to take when I write my music.”

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