Producer: DJ Ready Red
Album: Grip It! On That Other Level
Label: Rap-A-Lot Records

Scarface: “I didn’t make that record originally. Willie D made that record with the original Geto Boy’s. If you listen to Willie D’s first album Controversy, that song is on Controversy with different rappers on it. The first Geto Boy’s record I wasn’t a part of. I wasn’t on Makin' Trouble at all. Now, when I got into the crew I came in on On That Other Level.

“After that album was successful, Rick Rubin came in to give us the deal. The big guy comes in to give us small indies the deal, and he put our album out through Def American which was the reprint of that album. Unfortunately, the deal with Rick Rubin didn’t work out like it was supposed to work out.

“I didn’t know the business side of it, they kept us in the dark about all of the business with all the different distributors. We knew nothing about that. All we knew was that we were doing shows and that was that. We didn’t give a fuck or know shit about the business part of it. Did we miss a lot of motherfucking money? Yeah, sure. But it ain’t Jay’s fault. Jay did what a businessman is supposed to do. It’s business.


Jay Prince is a real gangster. He ain’t hiding behind a desk talking. He is the true living definition of what a gangster is. If you wanna see the truth and what gangster really is, that’s what Jay Prince is.


“J Prince had a lot of input on shit. As far as him actually getting down and busting a rhyme, no, but he was very instrumental in the writing. He wrote his part on ‘Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster’ and he wrote Bushwhick’s part too.

“Jay Prince was instrumental in everything that came out of Rap-a-Lot, especially anything that had to do with the Geto Boys or Scarface. We were Jay Prince’s babies. There’s a lot of people that signed to Rap-a-Lot and Jay put it out or whatever, but when it came to me going into the studio or the Geto Boys, Jay would be there every day. He was the brain behind all that. A lot of that controversial shit that we talked about, Jay inspired that.

“Don’t for one second get it fucked up, Jay Prince is a real gangster. He ain’t no TV motherfucker or a motherfucker that’s hiding behind a desk talking that shit. He is the true living definition of what a gangster is. If you’re looking at the shit you see on fucking TV, nah, that motherfucker is a real true gangster. If you wanna see the truth and what gangster really is, that’s what my nigga is.

“That's why the feds was watching us all. Back in 1999 or maybe 2000, the feds came to see me. One of my really close friends sold dope to a confidential informant. So they were trying to get him to roll over on me to try to get me to roll over on Jay. But that plot failed. They always had a hard-on for [Jay Prince] because he did his shit legitimately. In the United States, it's against the law for a young black man to be doing anything constructive to uplift his community, even today."